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Changing the Narrative

Like people across the country and world, Coloradans are living longer and healthier lives. Yet national research conducted by FrameWorks Institute over the last three years shows that aging is misunderstood in America, and ageist and negative stereotypes about older people abound.

By marginalizing older people and minimizing their contributions, ageist attitudes and stereotypes harm not only older people but also our communities, which fail to benefit from the build-up of experience and insights that all of us acquire as we age.

Can we do something about it? Yes, we can! Groundbreaking research by FrameWorks Institute showed that it is possible to shift how people think through “reframing” aging and ageism.

By changing the way that people talk and think about aging and ageism, Changing the Narrative will be setting the foundation for more productive policies and practices across our state that leverage the strengths and talents of older people, and systems that support wellbeing for all of us as we age.

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