A 501c3 Charitable Organization



Random Acts Community

Creating a Community of Kindness

What We Do First

Households around the country will be randomly selected to receive a Random Act of Kindness.

Each Random Act will be a gift card that supports a local business in the recipient’s area.

Then, Your Pay-It-Forward Act of Kindness

We need YOU to act! As part of our community, you will help us support these businesses by generously contributing to the purchase of the gift card.

When the goal is met, the gift card will be packaged and sent to the lucky resident!

The Result: Kindness Brings Happiness

We believe we can create a community that encourages everyone to help their local neighborhoods by spreading kindness to someone in need of a smile.

How It Works Video
The Random Acts Team

Please visit us at www.randomactscommunity.com for more information and to see what cities & local businesses we are supporting!

For more information, contact this Community Resource