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From Sole to Soul: A Daily Prescription for Moving Forward in Your Life

From Sole To Soul is a book for anyone who has ever struggled with stress, weight loss, mental health challenges, or balancing family and work life. In this 400-page release, Dr. Boxwell presents daily doses of movement motivation(s) in the form of quick, bite-sized anecdotes, health facts, and other thoughtful morsels, each with a unique take on the overall message intended to get readers to take action and move!

Borrowing from her countless tales of healing and hope in the lives of her peers, patients, and colleagues, Dr. Boxwell has penned From Sole to Soul: A Daily Prescription For Moving Forward In Your Life to spread the good news about the numerous benefits that come from getting up, getting out, and getting moving.

Dr. Boxwell bucks the trend in psychotherapy by billing herself as a ‘Guide on the Side’ rather than a “Safe on the Stage.” Her approach to improving wellness is steeped in the natural function of bodily movement, something virtually all of us can engage in. She is a Denver-area psychotherapist and wellness consultant who pioneered the PsycheHike ® program to help incorporate daily movement and meditation into the lives of those who need it most.

In From Sole to Soul readers will gain valuable insights in areas related to:
– Creativity
– Life purpose clarity
– Realization of goals and dreams
– Daily encouragement
– Dealing with adversity
– Soul expression
– Healing past traumas

From January 1st to December 31st, each day of the month will prompt you with ideas to heighten your awareness, help you to push past adversity, and maximize your personal growth.

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