A 501c3 Charitable Organization

Our Leaders

Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee brings vision, strategy and love in service to the mission and members of Lotus Network. We are so grateful for our Founders and Officers who lead us through both the daily details and annual achievements of our growing nonprofit organization!

The Executive Committee is led by our Co-Founders & Co-Directors, Lisa Cook and Leslie Heins. Lisa and Leslie have partnered in the event planning industry for the past 40 years, creating memorable events. These co-directors are using their skills to make memories of an entirely different sort with their new non-profit. With Lotus Network, they have tapped into the positive-aging and women’s movements embraced worldwide. This passionate, enthusiastic, and dynamic duo “L and L,” are focusing on empowering women to embrace purposeful living and to prioritize one’s self. They understand the power of building strong and meaningful connections and want to encourage all women to rise to their full potential.


Lisa Cook, Co-Director

Grandmother, Professional Event Planner and Co-Owner of Affair with Flair, Community Volunteer, Board Member for a Not-For Profit Senior Community, Thought Leader.

Leslie Heins, Co-Director

Grandmother, Professional Event Planner and Co-Owner Affair with Flair, Breast Cancer Advocate, Wheaten Terrier Activist.  

Barbara Cole, Treasurer

Mother, Sister, Friend, Trusted Advisor and Professional in Wealth Management Sector, CU Anschutz Johnson Depression Center Education Committee Member.

Janis Pluss, Secretary

Mother, sister, breast cancer survivor, lifelong community volunteer, former leader at National MS Society, facilitator of social connections programming at Denver Public Library.

The enthusiasm and passion of our board members are palpable and inspiring. Each member brings unique strengths in service to our network. We appreciate their insight, time and efforts for the betterment of all women in the Lotus Network community.

Margot Gilbert Frank

Margot Gilbert Frank has served with community and health nonprofits in the Denver area for more than three decades. Margot has two daughters, two grandchildren, and five great grandchildren.

Kara Valentine

Kara Valentine is a social impact entrepreneur, an innovative thought leader, a passionate humanitarian, and the mother of two brave, beautiful daughters.

Kathy Boyle

Mother, daughter, sister, proud Denver native with deep community roots, trusted realtor, outdoor enthusiast, world traveler, advocate for Turner Syndrome Colorado and The eXtraOrdinary Kids Turner Syndrome Clinic.

Dayle Shames

Mother, new grandmother, former sales executive with Hartmann and Tumi Luggage, owner of Grand Central Stationery & Invitations, nonprofit enthusiast, and nature lover.

Gwen Crawford

Daughter, Mother, Grandmother, Queen Bee, Friend, Influencer, Community Volunteer, Playful Spirit, Gregarious Celebrator.

Vicki Dansky

Seasoned Gift Planning Officer and Nonprofit Endowment and Sustainability Builder, Film Buff, Proud Coloradoan, Devoted Friend and Family Member, loves a good talk while on a brisk walk.

Mitzi Kurtz

Grandmother, Former Concierge and Lover of Volunteering, Research Guru.

Terry Rubin

Grandmother, Breast Cancer Survivor, Retired Nurse/Human Resource Administrator for a Pediatric Practice, Nonprofit Volunteer.


This board of volunteers brings their individual expertise to the table. Their educated and honest advice guides the Board of Directors through engagement in realistic and on-going conversations. We are appreciative of their mentorship and belief in our mission.

Lynn Robinson

Grandmother, Professional in the Disability/Chronic Sectors, Community Volunteer, Grant-Writer and Founder Colorado Respite Coalition.

Essie Perlmutter

Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Artist, Interior Designer, Community Volunteer, Past Owner of a Needlepoint Store and Organization Solutions Store, Philanthropist.

Teena Slatkin

Grandmother, Author, Public Speaker, Storyteller, Kabbalah Teacher, Community Volunteer, Co-Founder of BaMidBar Wilderness Drug Therapy Program.