A 501c3 Charitable Organization

Volunteer Program

Lotus Network is about to unwrap a Volunteer initiative that will redefine compassion, unity, and positive change. 

Lotus Network’s new Volunteer and Community Service Program supports capacity building within Lotus in the form of service learning, direct service, and community service opportunities.

A service initiative that will bring us together to create lasting impact and build a brighter community for all. 

Volunteer programs exist to provide participants with a sense of purpose and community contributing to greater self esteem, providing and creating new connections, meeting new friends, reducing social isolation, and helping with the establishment of feeling part of something greater than themselves. 

All of these aspects of the volunteer program directly support Lotus Network’s mission to connect and uplift all women.


The Volunteer program will operate consistently throughout the year maintaining volunteer placements, creating new opportunities within Lotus Network, and developing service learning opportunities for participants to contribute as a group to community service projects throughout the year. 

Get ready to be a part of something extraordinary – Join the first Heart of Volunteering opportunity coming in February 2024!