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Stay up to date on all of the connection opportunities coming up at Lotus Network! 

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Stay up to date on all of the connection opportunities coming up at Lotus Network!

Who we Are

Welcome to the organization that believes it’s never too late to rediscover your potential and make the next chapter of your life the very best.

What We're Here to Do

Lotus Network believes in the power of connections. We raise awareness of purposeful living by inspiring women of all ages to fill their days in authentic and gratifying ways, encouraging women to take on new challenges physically, mentally, and spiritually, and spreading the message that age is no longer a limitation. Last but certainly not least, Lotus Network works to reduce isolation and loneliness by nurturing old friendships, encouraging new relationships, and cultivating a desire for personal growth.

Our Leaders

Co-Founders Lisa and Leslie have partnered in the event planning industry for the past 36 years, creating memorable events. These co-directors are using their skills to make memories of an entirely different sort with their non-profit, Lotus Network. They have tapped into the positive aging- and women’s movements embraced worldwide. This passionate, enthusiastic, and dynamic duo “L and L” is focusing on empowering women to embrace purposeful living and prioritize one’s self. They understand the power of building strong and meaningful connections and want to encourage all women to rise to their full potential.

Why We Do What We Do


Lotus Network provides opportunities for women to create meaningful connections, personal growth and purposeful living through social and educational resources.


We envision a world where all women, regardless of age, stage of life, geography or identity, feel meaningfully connected to a community and are empowered to find their unique purpose.

Annual Report 2022

Our 2022 Lotus Network Annual Impact Report highlights our achievements and endeavors. Please take a peek to see how we are striving for meaningful connections and realizing our potential. We would like to send a huge shoutout of gratitude to you, and the other generous and ongoing supporters of our community. Our goal is to continue providing new ways to connect with yourself and others by providing inspiring programming and opportunities to engage.

Timely Topics: Recurring and Relevant Themes for Discussion

Each month, Lotus Network provides a unique opportunity to explore “It’s Never too Late…” topics. Our live virtual guest speakers share personal experiences, expert advice, wisdom, tools, and resources. These short one-hour segments are current, thought provoking, and sometimes life changing. It is a safe place for women to learn, grow, share and connect.

Each speaker’s page features articles, videos, and various gems of information to further explore each topic.

It's Never Too Late to Forge In-Person Connections

Our monthly in-person Conversation Salon is a safe, comfortable place where small groups come together to share stories, listen, and be listened to. We’ll get to know each other and discuss the topics you want to talk about. Our aim is to create meaningful in-person connections and personal growth as we inspire, respect, and celebrate who we are.

Join the conversation!

Conversation Salons are out on holiday this December. Join us again in January at a new location. North and South Conversation Salons will be combined into one in 2024.

Attendance is free. Spots are limited.

It's Never Too Late to Talk about Women's Health: Women's Care for All Stages of Life

Made possible through a partnership with Rose Women’s Hospital, Lotus Network is proud to launch a new series of free hybrid Connector Events centering on women’s health. 

Women's Health Connector Series

In 2022 and 2023, we held a series of Women’s Health Connector Events, including a complimentary seminar and lunch with Rose Women’s Hospital. Click the link below to watch a recordings of these unique, informative gatherings.

It's Never Too Late to Serve Your Community!

We’re unwrapping a volunteer initiative that redefines compassion, unity, and positive change. Our new Heart of Volunteering Program provides support to our local communities in the form of service learning, direct service, and community service opportunities. We are partnering with service-focused non-profits to offer volunteer opportunities to our network.

Tuesday, February 20th, 2024 | 5:30 - 7 PM
Roll up your sleeves to make a difference!

Clothes To Kids is dedicated to providing new and quality used clothing to children for low-income families in the Denver area, free of charge. During this free event, we will be sorting, tagging, and organizing clothes while also connecting with our friends and serving our community. Light refreshments and drinks will be included. 

Stepping Out: Walking Together

The Stepping Out series motivates you to get moving with socially-focused walking events in the Denver area.

STEPPING OUT is in for the winter – check back soon for new walking events with Lotus Network!

It's Never Too Late to Become a Friend of Lotus Network

As a Friend of Lotus Network, you become part of a philanthropic group of difference makers. Friends of Lotus Network help make possible the programs, website content, and educational resources that provide women personal growth, meaningful connections, and empowered purposefulness.

Private support through Lotus Network’s Circles of Friendship plays a pivotal role in every Lotus Network experience. It is essential to this organization and its mission. Donors can choose to provide unrestricted support through a variety of friendship circles which offer benefits, privileges, and recognition.

It's Never Too Late to Connect with Outstanding Resources in Our Community

Check out the complete listing of Lotus Connecting, Nurturing, and Empowering Friends and find the services, organizations, and programs to help you in all aspects of life.

Remember, a trusted referral is the best way to find what you need and more.

It's Never Too Late to Share Your Story

Meet the Women Who Embody Our Mission​

The women in our community continually impress and inspire us. The Lotus Lady initiative puts a spotlight on the incredible life journey of one of these women each month. 

A Lotus Lady…
* Has a life story to share which hasn’t been previously shared publicly
* Is authentic and vulnerable
* Provides our readers with inspiration, tools, creative ideas, entertainment, and/or education.

Our current Lotus Lady for February 2024 is Lovie Cunningham.

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It's Never Too Late to Challenge Yourself

Discover New Experiences and Happy Surprises

Every month, Lotus Network encourages you and your network to step outside your comfort zone and connect with the world in new, exciting ways. 

Whether it’s sending a letter, helping a stranger, trying something new, or simply taking a moment to be calm and present, our Connection Challenge always offers an opportunity for joy and connection in your daily life.

Get Involved in Our Mission to Connect

It's Never Too Late to Further Your Connection with Yourself and Others

Whether you’re looking for personal growth, educational opportunities, connection in your community, or ways to “pay it forward” and make a difference, we encourage you to get in contact with us about volunteering.

Your Voice Matters! Join a Lotus Network committee and help create engaging opportunities for meaningful connections, while meeting new friends, having fun, and sharing a laugh. No experience required!

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you

What do you like about this website? What would you like to see featured in our Timely Topics? Do you have suggestions about the website design or content? Would you like to get involved?

We value your candid feedback. 

Please follow the link below to contact us or give us a call at (303) 770-2200.

You owe this moment to yourself

It's time to blossom

Behold the flourishing Lotus. It takes root in the thickest mud and emerges as a beautiful flower, representing purity of body, speech, and mind. Likewise, in our lives, we sometimes become mired—stuck in the mud, so to speak. With focus, effort, and nurturing from people around us, we arise, blossom, and show the world our beauty.


wonderful people in our Lotus Network and counting!

Our Values


Developing meaningful connections with the self and others.


Inspiring people to take their first steps.


Practicing honesty and showing respect for others.


Believing in possibilities and expressing passion.


Making conscious and intentional decisions.