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It’s Never Too Late To Rethink Your Relationship With Alcohol

Reset Your Relationship with Alcohol

In this virtual talk, Kay Allison will teach us:

  1. The three indicators that your drinking is indeed a problem
  2. 5 Socially-acceptable ways to decline a drink
  3. What to drink instead of alcohol
  4. What lies beneath women’s drinking: A belief that we’re not good enough
  5. The spiritual solution that addresses the fear of our inadequacy

Kay Allison

Kay Allison was supposed to have been a boy named Matthew. Imagine her parents’ reaction when they were told they had a third daughter, and you’ll understand why she grew up believing that inner voice telling her she wasn’t good enough.

Kay’s desire to prove her inner critic wrong led to immense professional success. She was the youngest VP of a global ad agency at age 28. She authored two books, founded 3 multi-million dollar entrepreneurial ventures, and helped Fortune 200 companies create $2 billion in new revenue.

None of those achievements ever was enough for her inner critic. The refrain of “not good enough” played on despite what she produced, achieved or earned.

Kay tried drowning her inner critic in copious amounts of wine. And that worked.

Until it didn’t.

However, when Kay got sober, the inner critic was still alive and kicking. Giving up alcohol was the start of living a spiritual life while being in the world, and she began experimenting with spiritual solutions to every problem.

Kay has been alcohol free since 1999.

Her desire for a spiritual solution to her drinking and the root cause of her drinking has brought her to a compassionate yet unexpected perspective on why women drink and specific ideas on what to do about it.

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