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It’s Never Too Late to Speak Up and Find Your Voice

Speak Up and Find Your Voice

In this virtual talk, Elissa Bassist taught us how to:

  1. Reclaim your voice (and agency and sanity) in a world that dismisses women as “hysterical” for speaking their minds.
  2. Discover the power of your emotions, deepen your understanding of them, and use them as your compass.
  3. Unlearn how to use your voice as an apology machine and learn how to use your voice for you.
  4. Be emotional, be vocal, be hysterical—without shame or apology.
  5. Learn how to speak up amid the impossibility of speaking up.

Elissa Bassist

Elissa Bassist is an author, teacher, and editor of the “Funny Women” column on The Rumpus, an online literary magazine. She’s written feminist and personal criticism since 2009, and her writing has appeared in The New York Times, Marie Claire, Mother Jones, LATimes.com, and more, including various bestselling anthologies.

Hysterical, published by Hachette, is her first book and a semi-finalist for The Thurber Prize for American Humor.

Hysterical is a memoir of a voice, about how a woman’s voice develops—or doesn’t—in a culture that doesn’t listen to women. This expectation of a woman’s silence made Elissa sick. In Hysterical, Elissa shares her journey to reclaim her authentic voice in order to regain her health and sanity. It’s part medical mystery, part cultural criticism, and part rallying cry.

Hysterical covers how girls and women internalize hatred of the female voice, which makes it hard to “just speak up.” But then our silence hurts us more than anything we could ever say.

Her next book, a comedy writing craft book, is forthcoming from Grand Central Publishing. Elissa teaches humor writing at The New School, 92NY, Lighthouse Writers Workshop, and elsewhere. 

Elissa lives in Brooklyn and is probably her therapist’s favorite.

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