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Keynote speaking, executive coaching, team-building workshops, leadership training, and consulting projects to help your company, team, and people excel!

Bonnie Davis is an organizational effectiveness consultant, facilitator, speaker, and executive coach who has spent her career following her passion for learning, growth, and positive change. She has a Master’s in organizational psychology from Columbia University and certifications in coaching and facilitation. Bonnie designs and delivers programs that develop leaders, improve performance, help teams work better together, and make work a more meaningful experience.

We offer workshops, coaching, and consulting that help organizations and leaders take on the mindsets and actions needed to create more human-centric workplaces–places where empathy, authenticity, and laughter live side by side with productivity, profitability, and innovation. Reach out if your team or your company can benefit from:

  • Workshops on a variety of leadership and management skills that can be delivered virtually or face-to-face, customized for your needs.
  • One-on-one or group leadership coaching for new managers, all the way through the executive level.
  • Team-building sessions to help assess and build a high-performing team.
  • Consulting projects to diagnose and improve organizational effectiveness in areas such as company culture, employee engagement, or HR talent management programs.

Take our complimentary Human Factor assessment to identify areas where you shine and areas that need a boost, when it comes to being a human-centered leader, team, or organization. Check our home page for our quarterly free webinars on various leadership and management topics, and our “Publications” tab has dozens of free articles, conveniently categorized by topic.

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