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Tuesday, September 26th, 2023 | 11:00 AM

Take a tour of the fine, historic Highlands Neighborhood!

Join Lotus Network and Treasure Box Tours on Tuesday, September 26th to tour the history of the Highlands Neighborhood!

In the 1800s, when Denver was a polluted and uncouth boom town in a river bottom, a city rose above it all, blessed with clean air and high moral standards…at least, according to its brochures.  This was the city of Highlands, where the wretched city to the east could be forgotten and paradise found.  Highlands did enjoy decades of prosperity before an economic crash brought its in-the-clouds dreams to the hard ground.  Highlands fell so far as to be annexed into that much-hated neighbor.  Today, the Highlands is a greatly-desired neighborhood, predominantly because of one amenity that has remained from the 1800s.  Our walking tour will look at some of the houses and history of this fine part of town, high on its moral hill.

The Highlands Walk will take about two hours and will be led by Kevin of Treasure Box Tours. This tour will start at the NE corner of 30th Avenue and Osceola. Depending on our day, the tour could cover up to two miles, so grab your walking shoes and be prepared to cover some distance!

We have limited availability only, so grab your tickets now! 

Parking and meeting information will be included in your receipt.