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FRIDAY, July 21st, 2023 | 10 AM

There’s nothing little about our summer stroll through Littleton!

Join Lotus Network and Treasure Box Tours on Friday, July 21st to take a summer stroll through not-so-little Littleton!

When Denver became a city and county, the title of county seat passed to a smaller city to the south, Littleton. This was not Littleton’s first moment in the spotlight, however.

Long heralded as the ‘lily of the valley,’ especially as compared with its decadent and troubled neighbors, Denver and Englewood, the city of Littleton has treasures of history, architecture, transportation and more. Alfred Packer, in one piece, went to his grave in Littleton, but you’ll have nothing to fear on our outing. What a lily of a day it will be!

The Littleton Walk will take about 2 hours and will be led by Shawn of Treasure Box Tours. This tour will start at the Littleton Downtown Light Rail Station. We will take intermittent stops, and there will be time for photos.

We have limited availability only, so grab your tickets now!

Parking and meeting information will be included in your receipt.