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Join Lotus Network & Phil Goodstein for a rejuvenating walking tour!

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Join us on September 15th at 10 AM for a 2-hour walk through the exciting Sloans Lake neighborhood. 

Sloans Lake is Denver’s largest lake. It did not exist at the time of the Pikes Peak gold rush in 1858-59. What happened? Who was John Sloan? Why did cruise ships keep sinking in the lake? What about the time when there was an amusement park adjacent to the lake? We’ll learn all this and more as we stroll around the lake.

After exploring Sloans lake, the walk will head to the neighborhood south of West 17th Avenue. We will learn about the hidden away mansion between Winona Court and Vrain Street.

From there, we will head over to the old campus of St. Anthony’s Hospital and the former synagogue of the Hebrew Educational Alliance. The stroll will then cross West Colfax, discovering five mansions on the 1400 block of Stuart Street. After returning to West Colfax near Utica Street, we’ll focus on how the area was once a Jewish neighborhood eventually settled by Latinos.

Finally, we will pass the sight of the old neighborhood tavern, Eddie Bohn’s Pig ‘n’ Whistle. As we head back to the park, we will go by the old site of the Florence Crittenton Home.


The walk gathers at the torpedo. This is a life-sized torpedo near the southwestern edge of the park around Sloans Lake at the northwest corner of 17th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard. Enter the park through the entrance at Yates Street by the parking lot.

Phil Goodstein will be our walking movement leader. Learn more about his tours here

Tickets are limited – First come, first served! More detailed parking and meeting information will be included in your receipt.