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It’s Never Too Late to Be Grateful

A Relevant Message on Being Grateful

Gratitude can change your moment, experience, job, love, friendships, and your life! That doesn’t mean it’s easy or happens overnight. As Sharon Saraga-Walters demonstrates in this talk, gratitude as a practice we commit to daily can change our thinking and our lives.

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Meet Sharon Saraga-Walters

Sharon has over 35 years experience operating and promoting her own businesses in health and wellness. She is the creator of Sharon it Forward Today and Graticise™ 365 on Facebook, and is a lifetime student, expert, coach and Fitness Trainer of Gratitude. Sharon has a passion for sharing all good things. She’s the lead creator of The 28 Day Gratitude Workout™, online course, book and workshop; creator of Graticise™ 365 and the Grati-Fit™ System.

Sharon began her personal growth and awareness journey in 1989. She received her BS in Allied Health Services from the University of North Florida, and spent eight years as a Personal Fitness Trainer and owner of One to One Fitness. She has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for nearly 30 years.

Sharon has witnessed exercise and gratitude impact her life and the lives of others, and the results motivated her to publish her books, “The 28 Day Gratitude Workout™” ‐ a daily introduction to practicing gratitude for four consecutive weeks, and “Thursday’s Note” ‐ a commitment to exercising gratitude every Thursday for one year. Her newest book Graticise™ 365, will go even deeper with 365 daily exercises.

For more information, visit www.graticise365.com.

Title Sub-Title Author Content
Say Thank You
The importance of gratitude.
I am Grateful
With every breath........I'm thankful. Sing along!
A Love Song to the World
I am grateful for it all......

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