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It’s Never Too Late to Chart Your Big, Bold, Beautiful Life!

Charting Your Big, Bold, Beautiful Life

In this inspiring conversation, Kathy Basel will share the following transformative tips on how to live a life that’s as meaningful as it is long:

  1. Visioning Your Life: 3 questions to find that spark for what brings your soul fully alive
  2. Releasing Limitations: A quick practice to let go of fears, self-doubt, and past traumas that hinder your sense of worthiness and confidence
  3. Awakening to the Amazing You: How to become that future YOU who is radiant, grounded, and vibrantly alive… starting TODAY.

Kathy Basel

Kathy is a transformational life coach, energy healer and creator of The Vitality Code. She works with women ready to break free from the fear and unworthiness keeping them stuck and unable to live fully into their next SOUL*FUL chapter.  

She guides her clients to finally transmute core wounds and achieve QUANTUM LEAPS toward the life they truly desire -– lives filled with inner peace, love, vitality, connection, meaning and abundance in every regard. Her joy is watching people create beyond what they ever thought to be possible!

Kathy’s calling is so aligned with our mission here at Lotus — to help women to learn to love midlife & know that this next chapter of your life can be the very best.  Kathy says it’s time to own this powerful new life stage that calls us to a life of connection, creativity, contribution and meaning.

So where do we begin?  Join us for this inspiring conversation with Kathy as she shares her best tips on how we can discover what matters most and chart a fulfilling path forward…. To that Big, Bold, Beautiful Life that’s calling you.

Connect with Kathy at www.thevitalitycode.com

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