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It’s Never Too Late to Include Everyone

Redefining Inclusion

The world of technology is fast-moving and ever-changing. For some, it can be intimidating. Jargon like AI and speech to text sounds like a foreign language. But did you know that you are likely already using AI and speech to text technology? Hosting a video call on your computer or asking for directions in a smartphone app are more commonplace than ever before. Did you ever wonder how these devices and apps can bring us closer together?

Technology can be a powerfully inclusive tool to connect us in ways we couldn’t have imagined even five years ago.

During the pandemic, many people experienced the kind of social isolation that people with chronic health conditions and different abilities experience on a daily basis. Sara and Cristen believe that these circumstances have heightened our awareness of how harmful isolation and exclusion can be. We have a unique opportunity to use these tools to connect and support each other in new ways. This connection will have a huge impact on our families, our communities, and–because we are interdependent–the world.

  • Learn about the technology that can change lives

  • Help introduce others to tools that empower those with different abilities

  • Rethink the who and what of the word “disability”

  • Learn how to use a comprehensive platform that can help find tools for yourself or a loved one who needs support

  • Experience firsthand:

    • a tool that narrates the world around you

    • a tool that helps connect people who have trouble hearing or communicating with others

    • a tool that helps manage medication

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Meet Sara Speer Selber and Cristen Reat

Sara Speer Selber has been recognized repeatedly throughout her 35 professional career years for her many contributions to the welfare of others. Her experience includes serving as Chief Executive Officer of AIDS Foundation Houston and President of the Dynegy Foundation and forming the PM Team. Today, Sara brings this experience along with her passion for conscious inclusion to QuestEssential’s leadership team.

Cristen Reat’s passion for leveraging the power of mobile device technology to enhance the lives of those with disabilities comes from personal experience in trying to assist her son with special needs. Cristen is considered a thought leader in the area of using mobile device technology with people who have disabilities, and BridgingApps was recognized as a Verizon Powerful Answers award winner for Education in 2014.

BridgingApps.org, a program of Easter Seals Greater Houston, is the result of that passion and desire to share information and create a platform for other parents, therapists, people with disabilities, and professionals to learn best practices from each other.

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