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It’s Never Too Late to Know that in Time You Will Understand

Recognizing the Grace of the Women Placed in our Lives

In this virtual talk, Thelma Craig will teach us:

  1. Recognize the breadcrumbs God left on our path to fulfill our purpose through those who beneficially impact us. Every good thing you are and every good thing you’ve been through is in part because of someone placed in your life.
  2. Pay attention to cherish and value the people in your life; reflect on those in our past and present who have transformational value for each of us.
  3. Empower yourself through your own experiences and what you learn from others.
  4. How to support your sister circles in creating a lasting appreciation for each other and living with Grace.

Thelma Craig

Thelma is committed and dedicated to supporting and assisting clients with the
challenges they encounter and supporting them with opportunities for expansion and transformation creatively. She is insightful, intuitive, and compassionate.

Thelma is currently (2023) a Master of Divinity student at Fuller Theological Seminary; her coaching/facilitation skills are enhanced and utilized as a catalyst to support clients in learning to live in harmony with life’s purpose.

Her career entails Public Health Administration at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and Non-Profit Community Health (as Co-Founder and retired Chair, Board of Directors for the Colorado Black Health Collaborative, Inc.). Thelma has served the Community for over 30 years as a Health Educator, Community Health Strategist, Public Speaker, book review commentator, and active participant in health coalitions. She is always for optimal health and is a member of various health initiatives.

Thelma trained and supported healthcare providers with motivational interviewing and partner relationship counseling in different Public Health service roles. Her compassion and willingness to support women led to her serving in the
Extraordinary Living Project”, which focused on Women’s Health and total well-being. She is the author of the book Understandin’ Better By and By: Recognizing Grace in the Women Placed in Our Lives for Our Healing. Thelma uses this book as a tool for healing in topic-specific group settings. She conducts/hosts “Tea Talks,” – a group session that celebrates and encourages women to recognize that they have received gifts of the Spirit to live in harmony. Encouraging women to physically, mentally, and spiritually care for themselves and to support others. She is the Founder and CEO of Sista Sage Healing, LLC.

Thelma grew up in the segregated South and saw firsthand the growing impact of stress in this environment that women experience. She witnessed the strength of her grandmothers and mother (other women in her life) to meet the challenges endured by gathering to uplift each other. She fully understands that overcoming life challenges requires active mind work to recognize that we are given what we need to heal and thrive. She wants mothers, grandmothers, daughters, aunts, girlfriends, and co-workers to be healed because we are change agents. Women have taught her how to be, serve, and thrive.

Thelma is passionate about the health and well–being of women. Sista Sage Healing, LLC allows her to use some of her natural gifts to help women. She is insightful, intuitive, and compassionate.

Thelma is a wife, mother of two and a nana of six. Her hobbies include biking, writing, cooking, and traveling the world. She recognizes that It’s never too late to understand our purpose and support each other to live their best life with Grace.

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