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It’s Never Too Late to Learn the Secrets of a Loving Relationship: Tips and Tools for a Soulful Connection

Learning the Secrets for a Soulful Connection

In this virtual talk, Ruth Sharon taught us:

  1. Six elements of being more heartwise
  2. Quick tools to use immediately to deactivate triggers
  3. Ways to find center amidst the chaos or demands of everyday life
  4. Words to say that build bridges of connection
  5. Devotion to growing in the power and beauty of love: honoring me, you, and us

Check back in August 2023 for the full PDF transcript of Ruth’s talk!

Ruth Sharon

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Wellness and Relationship Coach and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), Ruth Sharon is passionate about guiding people to clear obstacles and open the pathways to wellness and Love. 

Her approaches to counseling, coaching and guiding can activate her clients to heal quicker, be attuned with themselves, enhance their vitality and develop more self-care and couple-care .  

Enhancing self-love, relationship skills, and healthy lifestyle choices is what Ruth lovingly calls being HeartWise. She and her husband Dr. Jim Sharon have worked together in many ways since the 1970’s. Their latest projects are the HeartWise Relationship Academy and several relationship books.  

Relationships of all kinds can be very challenging and stir up a lot of emotional triggers. How can we be more skillful, compassionate, and present in our intimate or close relationships?

Let’s explore six elements of being more HeartWise–Ruth’s affectionate name for our ever-evolving stage of development in emotional intelligence, relationship skills and service in the world.

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