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The Mind-Body Connection

Get Moving for Peace. The simple act of walking can make a difference in your life–removing stress while moving you to your place of inner optimism, joy, and achievement. Join Lotus Network’s Terry Rubin as she moderates a discussion with Dr. Audrey Boxwell, one of Denver’s leading psychotherapists specializing in experiential discovery of where the mind can heal when actively engaged in our lives. Dr. Boxwell takes you on a journey back into the small, quiet voice of your soul. Get in touch with the you who is free, happy and healthy. As you reclaim your strength, and your purpose, experience the joy and optimism you know you’re capable of feeling. This is an experience you deserve!

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Meet Audrey Boxwell, Ph.D.

Dr. Audrey Boxwell has 30+ years experience in healthcare-related fields. She received a BA in sociology from the University of Colorado, an associate of science in dental hygiene from the City College of New York (RDH), and an MA and Ph.D. in energy medicine and theology from Holos Institute of Health in Springfield, Missouri.

Dr. Boxwell focuses on the power of the mind to heal. She works with individuals and groups, presenting seminars and workshops throughout the Rocky Mountain region. She is the creator of PsycheHike®, an outdoor active-meditation program for those who find better focus on their physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing while in motion rather than stationary meditation. Also an author, Dr. Boxwell’s latest book is Sole to Soul: A Daily Prescription For Moving Forward In Your Life.

Learn more about Dr. Audrey Boxwell at her website www.audreyboxwell.com.

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