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It’s Never Too Late to Unlock Your Relationship with Food and Learn a Whole New Perspective on Eating

Food, It’s Not Just a Four-Letter Word!

In this virtual talk, Regina Topelson teaches you:

  1. The role of food in your life and lifecycles
  2. Food is a journey
  3. Food as medicine
  4. How food communicates with your body
  5. Recommendations for healthy eating
  6. The best diet for humans

Regin Topelson

Regina Topelson has been a Registered Dietitian for fifteen years serving the Denver Metro area. During that time, she spent three years doing clinical support in the ICU and nine years in private practice.

Regina began her career as a Registered Dietitian because her two children had severe food allergies and community members continuously reached out to ask questions about their own children’s problems to various foods. It was for this reason she decided to get formally educated in nutrition studies and become an expert resource in her field.

Two years into her new career, Regina was diagnosed with breast cancer and has since become an advocate for the breast cancer community. Her many activities include being a consistent wellness contributor at 9 News, educating the public through her podcast, blog, and social media channels, speaking on behalf of Sharsheret, emceeing events for Breast Cancer Awareness month, and counseling patients in private practice.

Regina enjoys hiking, biking, reading, traveling, and cooking with and for family and friends. Though she recently changed careers, she is still a health advocate and foodie at heart! You can find her podcast on Google Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, and iHeartRadio. Her website is reginatopelson.com, where she has many free resources and recipes. She resides in Denver, CO with her husband and dog.

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There is ample science showing a connection between cancer and eating meat, but whether or not you should stop eating meat could be a philosophical question, a moral question, it could be answered from an environmental perspective, or from a health perspective. I will approach this question with an evidence-based approach from the science available.
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