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The 28-Day Gratitude Workout: Exercises to Make Every Day Count

It’s said that a habit can be built in three weeks—we’ve added a fourth to anchor the experience. Over 28 days, you will do 28 different exercises designed to generate a greater awareness of all the good in your life.

It might be within you, the value of others, the blessings in your work, home, family, the good you having flowing in your material life. Gratitude works in every area of our lives, and its benefits start immediately.

We all have different areas that are easier for us to be more grateful for—and areas in our lives we struggle to find any good. The exercises in this course are designed to cover a wide array of these areas to give us practice in them all. Each day is its own chapter, and each chapter includes a section you can use to make note of any significant lesson or aha moment you’ve experienced in that exercise.

To really benefit from this workout, make it a personal commitment. Only you can benefit from being true to your daily exercises. If you miss a day, re-start by repeating the last day you had done and get back into the flow. When you’ve finished this workout, repeat it again in order of the days 1-28, or choose a category you might want to work a little bit more on.

The 28 Day Gratitude Workout book is a companion to The 28 Day Gratitude Workout online course.