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MONDAY, May 1st, 2023 | 10 AM

Learn about the fascinating history of Denver’s women!

Is the history of Denver just about men? Absolutely not! Come discover the women who made Denver proud—and made it blush. Women ventured out of the home, across the prairie, up the mountains, and into our history.  

On this guided walking tour, we let you in on the secrets of what women wore—or didn’t wear—what they cooked, where they went, and what they did, and what the men thought about it all.  

Come meet the noble and notorious women of Denver, from Chipeta, the Ute woman who negotiated for peace, to Mattie Silks, the madam who negotiated for sex. So, leave your bloomers behind and join us for the truth about who tamed the West!

This tour will start on the Auraria Campus in the 9th Street Historic Park. Kevin S. of Treasure Box Tours will be guiding us on a two-hour walk with fascinating and enriching commentary on the local history. 

We have limited availability only, so grab your tickets now!


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