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Challenges, Demands, and Staying True

Listen to Leslie’s incredible story and learn: 

  1. Why representation is so important in politics and policy-making
  2. How to be an effective advocate for your community
  3. What a more equitable and just society can look like for all of us

Download the full PDF transcript of Rep. Herod’s talk:

February 2022 Timely Topic Transcript

State Representative Leslie Herod

Representative Leslie Herod was elected in 2016 as the first openly LGBTQ African American in the Colorado General Assembly. Since then, she has passed over 100 bills, addressing criminal justice reform, mental health, addiction, youth homelessness, and civil rights protections.

Some of her signature work includes:

  • Ending cash bail for minor offenses
  • De-felonizing drug possession
  • Giving every Colorado newborn a $100 college kickstarter account
  • Providing free menstrual hygiene products to inmates in Colorado’s prisons and jails
  • Passing a comprehensive police accountability bill following the highly public murder of George Floyd, and the nationwide movement that followed

In addition to winning reelection in 2018, Herod championed a ballot initiative, Caring for Denver, that raises $35 million annually for mental health and substance abuse treatment and services for children and adults. Herod serves as Chair of the House Appropriations Committee and is a member of the powerful Joint Budget Committee.

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