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It’s Never Too Late to Be Happy

A Relevant Message on Being Happy

In this empowering talk, CEO and author Nataly Kogan shares how happiness is more than a state of being or feeling. When we view it as a skill we can practice and improve, we learn to see the world in a different way to cultivate the seeds of happiness.

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Meet Nataly Kogan

Nataly Kogan is one of the leading global experts in optimizing your emotional health. She’s the creator of the Happier Method™, founder and CEO of Happier, and author of Happier Now: How to Stop Striving For Perfection and Embrace Everyday Moments (Even the Difficult Ones), which was published in 2018. After a successful career as a venture capital investor and tech executive at companies like McKinsey and Microsoft, Nataly gave it all up to help people experience the benefits of gratitude and improve their well-being.

Building on the foundation of gratitude–and going through an intense period of struggle, research, and trial and error–Nataly developed the Happier Method to bring her mission to the world: To help millions of people thrive in work and life by improving their emotional health with science-backed skills and practices. Today, tens of thousands of people cultivate their Happier Skills through Happier @ Work programs, online courses, and other learning tools to experience more joy and greater resilience.

Nataly is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker and has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Dr. Oz Show.

Nataly came to the US as a refugee with her family when she was 13 years old, and one of her greatest accomplishments was learning how to speak English by watching Alyssa Milano on the classic 80s sitcom, Who’s the Boss? She lives outside Boston with her husband and daughter—always on the lookout for their next adventure.

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What does it mean to be truly happy? Let's find out!
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Simple Habits to be Happier.
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