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It’s Never Too Late To Dismantle Your White Supremacy

When We Change Our Thinking and Behavior, We Change the World

In this enlightening talk, Regina and Saira will teach us that:

  1. White Supremacy hurts us all, especially people of color and women.
  2. Dismantling your own white supremacy is key to being a good accomplice. Do the inner work!
    3. There is no growth without change, and there is no change without pain.
  3. Your tacit approval of white supremacy okays your white children being gunned down in their classrooms by entitled white boys so that gun manufactures can make a profit.
  4. All of our lives depend on white women saying, “ENOUGH.”
  5. White supremacy enables; patriarchy, misogyny, racism, unrestrained capitalism at any cost. (see #4)

Download the full PDF transcript of Regina and Saira’s talk:

Regina Jackson Saira Rao Sep 2022 TT Transcript

Regina Jackson and Saira Rao

Born in Chicago in 1950, Regina remembers an America where everything was in Black and white. Burned into her memory are the beatings and horrific treatment of civil rights workers throughout the south, the Goodman, Chaney & Schwerner murders, the murder of Viola Liuzzo, the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the murders of President John Kennedy and his brother, Robert. Violence perpetrated on innocent people going about their lives by white people. It is these memories that drive Regina to push for real change in America. That’s why she co-founded Race 2 Dinner.

Saira (NOT Sara) Rao grew up in Richmond, Virginia, the daughter of Indian immigrants. For forty years, she wasted her precious time aspiring to be white and accepted by dominant white society, a futile task for anyone not born with white skin. Several years ago, Saira began the painful process of dismantling her own internalized oppression. Saira is a lawyer-by-training, a former congressional candidate, a published novelist and an entrepreneur.

Regina Jackson and Saira Rao started R2D after Saira’s unsuccessful run for congress in 2018 against longtime incumbent Diana DeGette. Saira’s entire campaign platform was antiracism. Every appearances created lines of white women who wanted to talk to Saira, as she was courting votes, she would entertain these women for breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails, always picking up the tab. What they wanted to say without exception is, “Not me, I am not racist.”

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