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It’s Never Too Late to Enjoy Your Life: How to Embrace Anxiety and Free Yourself from Fear

How to Embrace Anxiety and Free Yourself from Fear

In this inspiring conversation, Gina Fontaine will teach us to:

  • Learn how to slow down the pace of life to discover the most potent ways to be present in the world AS IT IS. 
  • Discover a deeper awareness of how your breath grounds you into powerful possibilities
  • Experience a fun way to reframe your problems through the lens of peace
  • Explore how to harness the limitless potential of your brain to gain agency over your emotions and thoughts. 

Wednesday, June 5th

12 PM MT

Gina Fontaine

As the youngest of 10 children growing up in Indianapolis, Gina Fontaine was immersed in a bustling household that thrived on physical activity. Her early exposure to movement paved the way for her natural affinity towards a career in fitness. With close to three decades of expertise as a wellness professional and yoga instructor, Gina has become a beacon of joy in the realm of exercise. Advocating for a shift in mindset, she encouraged her adult clients to embrace movement as a form of play rather than just a workout.

In January 2020, Gina made a profound statement by declaring “slowing down is the new fitness,” unknowingly foreshadowing the global shutdown that would unfold just a couple of months later. Amidst the chaos of a pandemic that gripped the world, Gina faced personal turmoil as her eldest son battled depression and a harrowing suicide attempt. Drawing from her own experiences, she penned the empowering book “You Are a Supermom: 5 Ways to Reclaim Your Superpower and Thrive as a Mom,” which was warmly received upon its publication in September 2021.

Currently rooted in East Denver with her three children, Gina finds solace in the proximity to the serene Highline and Cherry Creek trails. In April 2023, she unveiled the brain wellness center, Cereset Cherry Creek, one of 60 locations across the United States. The technology and coaching at Cereset  provides clients with a transformative journey towards mental clarity, tranquility, and inner equilibrium. Gina views her endeavor as a privilege, introducing this innovative brain modality to the Denver community. 

Central to her mission is the cultivation of inner peace without the reliance on medications, external interventions, or intensive training. While some may perceive her methods as magical, Gina attributes her success to a blend of creativity, an open mind, and an unwavering dedication to scientific validation.

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