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It’s Never Too Late To Identify Your Own Health Goals

The Mind/Body Connection

  • How to have confidence to listen to your own body when it comes to food and exercise.
  • How to remove the diet mentality and keep the focus on short and long term goals.
  • Tools to help you enjoy food as fuel rather than giving into cravings.
  • Helping you to set small goals that create lasting, lifelong habits.
  • How to take each day in stride rather than waiting until “next week” or “Monday”.

Angie Hartman, Integrative Health Coach, NBC-HWC

Angie is an Integrative Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, and is certified in ACE CPT, and AFAA Group Fitness. Through her own health struggles Angie has taken an interest in helping to motivate and inspire others to BE WELL. She is on a mission to teach the young and young at heart the value of living a healthy life, by providing the tools and support for achieving individual health goals.

Connect with Angie Hartman through her website: AngieReneeHartman.com, and through her social media channels:
YouTube: Angie Renee Wellness
Instagram: Angie Renee Wellness
Facebook: Angie Renee Hartman

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