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It’s Never Too Late to Learn How to Say No

Want More Time and Less Stress? Just Say No!

In this virtual talk, Sally Stich will teach us:

  1. Why such a small word leads to such big anxiety
  2. Why being a people pleaser is not in your best interest
  3. How to distinguish the physiological difference between the resentment of saying yes and the guilt of saying no
  4. How to deal with people who won’t take no for an answer
  5. The variety of ways to say no in a cool, calm, kind way—and how that can change your life

Download the full PDF transcript of Sally’s talk: Sally Stitch April 2023 Timely Topic Transcript.docx

Sally Stich

Sally Stich has spent the last 40 years teaching on the writing faculties at both UCD (undergraduate) and DU (Masters of Humanities) while simultaneously building a freelance writing career that started with a biweekly column in the Denver Post and grew to include regular assignments for such publications as TIME, Parade, Ladies Home Journal, Parents, and Working Mother, as well as articles published by the New York Times Syndicate, various design magazines, and business magazines. She has spoken as a keynote or a panelist at regional and national writers’ conferences and was one of four headline speakers at the spa Rancho La Puerta for 10 years.

A native Nebraskan, Sally Stich has lived in Denver the past 50 years, where she and her husband have raised two kids and now enjoy spending time with four grandchildren (to whom she says NO periodically). When she is not speaking, teaching, or researching a new topic, she and her husband like to travel, always with a specific goal in mind.

Sally will be teaching at OLLI in the fall after several years at the Academy of Lifelong Learning instructing such classes as The Evolution Of Advice Columns: 1690 to the Age of Quora, Secrets of Successful Crossword Puzzlers, A Literary Feast: Food Essays and Memoirs, and A Study of Four Academic Novels, among other offbeat topics.

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