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It’s Never Too Late to Live a Stress-Free Life

Cynthia Lackner, MA

Emotional Brain Training

Cynthia recognizes that the root cause of most people’s problems is stress. Three out of four doctor visits are stress-related. People suffer with intense anxiety, depression, addiction, and other stressors. In her drug-free Emotional Brain Training, Cynthia focuses on giving people tools that they can learn and implement right off the bat. These tools help people learn how to become emotionally resilient, eliminate burnout, and ultimately find true meaning and purpose through rewiring their emotional brain. These skills can be learned in as few as seven sessions, barring any trauma or addiction issues. Cynthia also has expertise in treating dating violence and domestic abuse trauma. Cynthia works with patients virtually or from her office in Cherry Creek. 

Meet Cynthia Lackner, MA

Cynthia Lackner received her master’s in psychology from Antioch University and a BA at Goucher College, Baltimore, Maryland. Ms. Lackner is a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider. She is a psychotherapist in private practice who enjoys working with people nationwide. She is also a Certified Emotional Brain Training, (EBT) Provider. While she offers Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, also known as talk therapy, she wants patients to have tools that they can use immediately following their first session. She also volunteers for Nepris, an organization which connects educators and students with industry professionals virtually, bringing real-world relevance and career exposure to all students.

Cynthia gets referrals from physicians across the country.

Her website is: www.cynthialackner.com

Her extensive list of webinar and guest speaking appearances include presentations to:

  • National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (NAASCA)
  • Colorado Bar
  • Colorado District Attorneys’ Council
  • Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE)
  • Women’s Transportation Executive Leadership Program (meeting held in Washington DC)
  • Health Links Colorado
  • Downtown Denver Partnership
  • Summit Community Care Clinic
  • National Council of Jewish Women program: Ask the Doctor
  • Nepris
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