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It’s Never Too Late To Own Your Financial Future

Learn How to Build a Solid Financial Foundation

In this virtual talk, Steph Wagner will teach us how to:

  1. Improve your relationship with money
  2. Expand your knowledge around money matters
  3. Make more informed decisions to help you move closer to your financial goals

Download the PDF transcript of Steph Wagner’s talk: 
Steph Wagner Timely Topic Nov 2022 Transcript

Steph Wagner

National Director of Women & Wealth, Northern Trust

Steph leads Northern Trust’s advisory practice for women, as well as oversees its Elevating Women platform. Her personal story is one of reinvention: from private equity executive to stay-at-home mom to single mother fearful for her financial security to successful businesswomen. This journey drove her to devote her life to educating and inspiring women to take charge of their financial lives. Her expertise has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, MarketWatch, Fox News, Yahoo Financial, Business Insider, Barron’s, and Bloomberg.

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