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It’s Never Too Late To Press Pause

Learn How to Declutter Your Mind

In this enlightening workshop, Jane will teach us:

  1. A solution for finding mental clarity
  2. A key to gaining confidence
  3. A way out of upset and overwhelm
  4. A remedy for self-limiting beliefs
  5. A formula for letting go of control

Download the full PDF transcript of Jane Baldwin’s talk:

March 2022 Timely Topic Transcript

Jane Baldwin

Calm. Clarity. Collaboration. The “Unwinding as You Age” expert, Jane Baldwin helps self-care enthusiasts clear mental clutter using a system that came to her while healing from cancer. As a life coach and speaker, she draws on over 20 years of experience teaching yoga, breathwork, meditation, and Ayurvedic cooking. As a wellness entrepreneur, Jane co-created the first art ranch and retreat center outside Dallas. She worked as a Maya archaeologist in Belize and Mexico in her early years. 

Jane is the founder of “The Unwinding Compass”, a research-based system for managing one’s energy level, counteracting stress, establishing a stronger connection between mind and body, and improving the overall quality of relationships with self, family, and social networks. Jane educates, engages, and empowers her audiences with interactive, inspirational speaking engagements, custom workshops, breakout sessions, and more.

“Jane gave me tools that eased my daily overwhelm and helped to quiet my “monkey mind.” With her guidance I was able to cultivate a more life-giving space in my home that promoted the healing I desired.” – Mica Orton, Dallas, TX

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