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Blue Sky Fund

To My Friends and Family:

As many of you know, I am deeply involved in Blue Sky Fund’s mission to level the playing field for disadvantaged children. This cause is near and dear to my heart and many of you have attended our events in the past and generously contributed.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, our primary form of raising money with a large, annual event was not possible. Therefore, we have modified our fund-raising strategy so that we can continue our mission of supporting our A.C.C.E.S.S. Scholars. We are extending our services and expertise to benefit YOUR child as well!

Our Executive Director, Andrew Flynn, has assembled a group of highly qualified, academic tutors who can help you to navigate the stressful academic landscape this fall. These academic instructors are equipped to tutor elementary, middle, and high-school students to supplement what they’re receiving in school. BSF is also equipped to help seniors complete their college application essays.

What’s unique about this opportunity is that each time your child has a tutoring session with a BSF tutor, your purchase pays for an identical session free of charge for a deserving and less privileged student. We’re also able to support middle and high school-aged students outside of the Denver area via video calls.

We believe this allows us to provide a valuable service and simultaneously level the playing field for deserving children.

Should you or someone you know need tutoring support, please send them our way. We’re not here to profit from providing this support – half of every dollar spent goes directly to our A.C.C.E.S.S. Scholars. To date, we’ve supported more than 200 disadvantaged students and helped them to achieve more than $2.5 million in financial aid.

You can visit bsfcolorado.org/tutoring to learn more or contact our Executive Director Andrew Flynn at Andrew@bsfcolorado.org. I’m also happy to answer any of your calls or texts if you’d like to know more.

Thanks so much for your time. I wish you and your family nothing but the very best this fall season!


Matt Weiss

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